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The thing about dandelions is they appear to be everywhere at this time of year. They are perennial plants and each year, there appears to be more and more of them. They are more often […]

Things to do today (& everyday)

Accept the things I cannot change; change the things I can; seek the wisdom to know the difference between the two (- paraphrasing from The Serenity Prayer) Don’t chase people. Be an example. Attract them. […]


I started my latest journey of self-discovery earlier this year. My mental state had been steadily on a downward trajectory since I got back from holiday in early October 2019. The reasons for that are […]

What’s wrong with me? Part 1

Thanks to my good friend Rolf, I tuned into What’s The Matter With Tony Slattery? It was shown on BBC 2 last night (21 May 2020). It was an emotional and revealing film about a […]

tranquility in the vale

Yesterday I went back to Reddish Vale for an exercise walk. The downside was that so many other people had the same idea social distancing was hardly observed at all. However I overcame all of […]

Seeking inspiration

I’ve been meaning to post a blog for a couple of days. I have some interesting photos to transform I just needed some words to go with them. What though? I tried picking up on […]


There is a lot of anxiety and bluster around all media channels at the moment, social, print, web and broadcast. The government message yesterday has polarised and entrenched the positions of the UK population between […]

Danes Moss Nature Reserve

As I walk down the stone steps towards the canal towpath, I’m caressed by a gentle breeze. It takes the edge off the dry heat that had accompanied my walk from home to here. Time […]

Close up and personal

This blog came about from an introspective analysis of myself through therapy sessions. I embarked on this course of action after reaching rock bottom again, and self-isolating long before it became the law. Outside of […]


We are in week 6 of lockdown. The routines that have already developed to the new way of living and working will no doubt require adjustment as the lockdown rules start to relax. However, today […]


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