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It’s Been A While

I tend to only write when something is troubling me, very rarely from a happy place. And today is no exception. Though for the most part I’m happy these days. My addictive traits are worrying me. I’m not thinking about drinking again by the way. Although those thoughts do cross my mind from time to […]

Solo in Olhao – Day 2

The boat trip – peaceful, relaxing and nice food. That’s about it 🙂 Meanwhile back in Macclesfield ….

Solo in Olhao – Day 1

12:15 – I’m chilling out. Spent a shit load of cash already and it’s not even lunchtime on day 1. After a shopping spree and a coffee in the fabulous town, I’m now sat on my balcony, listening to Black Acid Soul by Lady Blackbird, and its perfect for the moment. Blue sky, 20 degree […]

Birthday Approaching – Let It Be

As with all my musings within this blog I start with something that is a rant of utter negativity before refining it into something more palatable in an effort to draw positivity out of the blackness. It starts with acceptance of things I can’t change, working out what I can change and then having the […]


Acceptance gives clarity without judgement. It allows you to see what to change and how to do it. Or what to move on from if it can’t be changed.

The Imposter

I read a lot. Mainly stuff online, but when I make time, I’ll read books and stories. I recently read an article in The Guardian where Jacinda Ardern, the very impressive and inspirational PM of New Zealand, revealed she suffers from Imposter Syndrome (IS). To put it simply, imposter syndrome is the experience of feeling […]


The blackness descends Arriving without warning I feel so alone I don’t usually want to write when I’m feeling so down that I can’t see the wood for the trees. But today I’m off work. I’ve slept in, walked the pup in the park, she had a great time. I took some photos of the […]

Autumn thoughts

I am not a fan of Autumn. For me it’s the start of a personal darkness that reaches pitch black by the time of my birthday on 3rd November. These days I just don’t see the point of celebrating getting older, especially when approaching a landmark birthday. I will be 60 years old this time […]


These days I don’t do conventional socialising very well. And yet I still force myself into the space that looks at me with suspicion when I say I don’t drink alcohol anymore. The drinkers, the normal people, say it doesn’t matter that there is a sober one amongst them, and in truth, it probably doesn’t […]

True experience

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” – John Lennon It’s become a famous quotation and meme that is actually a line from a song, Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy). I decided to Google the line to make sure I got it right. Why? Well, it all started when I read […]


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