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The hardest thing about accepting things you cannot change, is accepting things you don’t like. Accepting things as they are, not as you would like them to be is plain difficult for me. Everything that […]

Reaffirmations and re-workings

I’ve not been feeling well for a few days, high temperature, feeling low and wanting to sleep all the time. I’ve had a Covid-19 test and I’m negative, so that’s good. However, the yearning to […]

Get up off my knees

I had a few errands to do yesterday whilst I was off work. On the return journey home I was about to put on an album on Spotify, however BBC 6-Music changed my mind. They […]

Angels and demons

I have started to wonder why I keep feeding and nurturing my inner demons. When things go for me I usually don’t dwell on it for long, I simply shrug and move on, feeling good, […]

All or nothing

If I were to pick a theme tune for my life, a strong contender would have to be All Or Nothing by The Small Faces. For the title and chorus more than the sentiment behind […]


In the middle of a very long telephone conversation with a friend this morning, a chat that oscillated between feelings and fears to aspirations and wants, my friend pointed out a particular contradiction in a […]

The New Plan

‘Givers suffer if it’s not reciprocated.’ – DrM OK, I admit it. I’m struggling with a lot of things right now. Particularly loneliness and lack of options, brought about by my nemesis, money. I’m also […]

Winds are blowing

Angst ridden meeting Be thankful for what you’ve got Is that good enough? ______________________ Plenty to ponder It impacts everybody Is that OK then? ______________________ Time to contemplate Exploring new horizons Change winds are blowing […]

Changing angles

I have had a tough week, dealing with rejection and the despair that it unleashed. That and also feeling lousy generally. Then letting the unchecked mental and physical ailments feed off each other. I retreated […]

Light at the end

Fear controls. In the context of this post, I’m not referring to politicians or certain religious leaders stoking fears of the law or God’s vengeance or to simply exert power over mass behaviour, but that […]


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