Author: RJC Rees

Armed with my iPhone and a set of lens attachements I will document my daily rambles with photographs that capture my mood then add some ramblings to try and give it context and purpose.
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Solo in Olhao – Day 1

12:15 – I’m chilling out. Spent a shit load of cash already and it’s not even lunchtime on day 1. After a shopping spree and a coffee in the fabulous town, I’m now sat on my balcony, listening to Black Acid Soul by Lady Blackbird, and its perfect for the moment.

Blue sky, 20 degree heat, it’s about time I went down to the pool, to add some dazzling white slightly paunchy skin glamour to the mix of people.

Morning stuff on day 1

The trip to the pool was interesting. I sunscreened up, listened to some chilled tunes, read some of Dave Grohl’s excellent book The Storyteller (when I wasn’t wiping sun screen out of my eyes that is). And at the point of going in the water, the seagulls arrived and took over. So I went for a club sandwich late lunch washed down with Coke Zero and a coffee.

Going on a boat trip tomorrow.