My name is Ronnie Rees, well Richard Rees to be official, but I’m rarely official. Ronnie was a name given to me at primary school, by a teacher who liked football and named me after a Welsh international winger with whom I shared the same surname. It has stuck with me throughout my life. I have also created a pseudonym for forthcoming writing projects – Foxland Pearce.

But this is Ronnie’s blog paying respect to my battles with alcohol, depression and lonliness, it will hopefully allow me to forgive myself, love myself and re-build my self-esteem.

My journey has been full of twists, turns, downs and ups. Amongst the constant barrage of negativity I am attempting to cut through it all to focus on what really matters – the beauty of the moment. At the same time I will view objects and living things from different perspectives and create new visions from the subject matter.

Armed with my iPhone and a set of lens attachements I will document my daily rambles with photographs that capture my mood and add some ramblings to try and give it context and purpose.

Stay safe.

Ronnie xx