I must have slept badly as I was in a very irritable mood today. All day during working hours little things were bugging me way too much. And I became a bit tetchy with people that I like. My therapy session yesterday focused on recognising when I was being negative and to change my mindset to a more positive setting.

With that in mind I used my lunch break to edit a photo from the weekend. The first edit was quite pleasant making the colours rich and vibrant. Then I continued adding effects and filters. The result of this is a grainy image full of dark shaddows and dark shades of green, purple and red. It was all done without thinking too much, I was lost in my creative bubble for 20 minutes or so, to a soundtrack of the Shaddow Work album by Mammal Hands through my headphones. I suppose the result is a subconscious reflection of how I was feeling.

I perked up once I finished work and forgot about everything other than collecting stuff together for my middle daughter, Jordan. It’s her birthday tomorrow, and it completely took me away from getting irritated over little inconveniences that on another day wouldn’t have bothered me at all. Cake sorted (thanks Gosia x) and present collected (thanks Ruby x).

Tomorrow is another day. Goodnight.

Ronnie at 20:20 on Tuesday 5 May 2020