Seeking inspiration

I’ve been meaning to post a blog for a couple of days. I have some interesting photos to transform I just needed some words to go with them. What though? I tried picking up on quotes or snippets from TV, books and conversations as starting points. None of it worked, I managed to turn it all into self indulgent or self-pitying shit. I was in desperate need of inspiration.

I get lost sometimes and I’m guilty of over thinking myself into negativity. My escape from this, especially over lockdown, has been walking, photography and the endless music library on Spotify.

Choosing the perfect music to accompany me was the next stage in today’s process. I went through a few of my current favourites – jazz, jazztronica, downtempo electronica, etc but nothing was clicking, in fact it was all becoming counter productive and making me anxious. I was in a rut. A blockage was there and I needed to move through it. Cue – In A Rut. The Ruts are a firm favourite of mine and one I often turn to in order to blast away the fog of anxiety.

Success. It reset my mind. Once again, I searched through my library of albums and landed on Mozart’s Requiem, which is quite beautiful and calming. It was the perfect soundscape for today’s journey into my creative space.

To me, the final edit of this exploration into the seed-bearing part of a flower is a window into another dimension. All achieved without substance or alcohol abuse. Just my iPhone camera, a lens attachment, Mozart and some editing tools.

Stay safe

Ronnie xx