We are in week 6 of lockdown. The routines that have already developed to the new way of living and working will no doubt require adjustment as the lockdown rules start to relax. However, today has been the new usual work day, wake up, yoga, coffee, shower, work (phone calls, emails, conference calls, etc). With regular food, more coffee, tea and water intake of course.

Today though I am missing the interactions between work colleagues. The daily Skypes, phone calls and messages help maintain contact but they don’t have the same dynamic.

My post work walk today will be a truncated one. I feel tired and not firing on all cylinders. So rather than go out and snap new things, I’ve been working on a California Poppy, a close up I took over the weekend at Reddish Vale Country Park.

Musically it’s been a bit of jazz, a bit of Nordic electronica and some reggae today. The magnificent Steel Pulse album Handsworth Revolution, has inspired this work.

Have a happy bank holiday weekend.

Ronnie xx