Get up off my knees

I had a few errands to do yesterday whilst I was off work. On the return journey home I was about to put on an album on Spotify, however BBC 6-Music changed my mind. They were about to play the whole of The Housemartins’ album London 0 Hull 4. So I stayed tuned to 6-Music

It was wonderful to hear again.  It made me realise that I still love the album even though it was probably over 30 years since I’d last listened to it from start to finish. Like all music that I am in tune with, it brought back many fond memories of my previous lives.

In October 1986, when London 0 Hull 4 was released, I was a carefree fuckwit who only worried about when my next pint was coming, whether City won, and how much more credit I could take out to make myself look stylish enough to pull. Simple times.

Keep it simple and just focus on the next destination.

My first draft of this blog went into a euphoric recall of drinking days past. In amongst the sugar coating of my previous character there was a glimmer of hope, a moment of clarity of how to overcome my current situation. Keep it simple and just focus on the next destination. In any journey there’s more often than not delays that are beyond your control, road works, pandemics, that sort of thing.

Times change very quickly. Right now there’s no booze derailing me by distorting my thinking, and the winds of new beginnings are whipping up to gale force. And even though metaphorically I am currently stuck at the red light of some hastily assembled temporary traffic control. I know that I just have to be patient and when they turn green, which they will, I will be off, pedal to the floor and proceeding to my next adventures.

The original pictures today were both snapped by my daughter Jordan whilst she was on a walk close to home. I reworked the originals into trippy designs that are quite different from the original subject matter, which is all rather reflective of my current state of mind. It’s seeking new dimensions.

Ronnie xx

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