Broken Log

When I go out an about on my daily lockdown exercise sessions, I look for things that I can photograph. As I’m currently on an introspective journey into my state of mind assisted by therapy; yes I reached the point where I had to seek help; I am increasingly looking at the detail of things through a macro lens.

Throughout my life I have fought for recognition and sought validation – I will save the detail for another day. However this broken log on the side of the tow path on Macclesfield Canal was my inspiration a couple of days ago. How did I get inspiration from a decaying broken limb of a tree? Well as someone who is feeling broken but is looking within for something, I took the photo with from different angles to get different detailed views. Then once home and with the editing tool, I set about enhancing the best image. The explosion of colour that flowed during the edits showed me that there are many ways to view anything. A change pf perspective is all that is needed.

The original image shows moss growing on the fractured limb. Through enhancement of the contrast, vibrance, sharpness and definition (amongst other tweaks) the colour explodes from the moss – the new life on the dead wood. Is this what life after death really is?