The blackness descends

Arriving without warning

I feel so alone

I don’t usually want to write when I’m feeling so down that I can’t see the wood for the trees. But today I’m off work. I’ve slept in, walked the pup in the park, she had a great time. I took some photos of the remnants of summer plants and flowers. Yet I feel quite empty.

Apparently life mirrors what you project into it. So I must be projecting a shit load of negativity right now. The pup, bless her, does her best to make me happy. The conversation though is very one sided.

I put on The Crack/Grin And Bear It, a Ruts collection album earlier. It lifted me before I went out with Betty Boo to South Park. I made small talk with a couple of fellow dog walkers before returning home and going back to sleep. After a late lunch, I descended back into the pity pit. I mixed the accompanying pictures whilst listening now to Oh My God by Kevin Morby. It’s an interesting and thoughtful album. Not over produced and stripped down to a few instruments, fitting my mood perfectly.

Life’s What You Make It, from Talk Talk’s The Colour of Spring album is now playing. To remind me exactly that. It’s time to stop wallowing and make an effort to change the things I can.

Ronnie xx