A simple flower

The current social lockdown has awakend a new passion in me. I’ve always liked photographs, the capture moments and when viewed evoke memories. I started with just the camera settings and lenses on my iPhone XR. then i saw a Dragons Den episode where two budding entrepreneurs had created a new system for attaching lenses to smart phones. Peter Jones the highly successful Dragon Investor with business interests in mobile phones and photography (amongst others) dismissed it as a gimick that was never going to replace SLR cameras and would be a defunct investment with the new generations of mobile smart phone cameras.

I though was interested. I didn’t want to be lugging around large cameras when my phone was adequate for what I wanted to do. Deborah Meaden a Dragon colleague had a hunch that these guys could be on to something and negotiated a deal to invest.

I went to Amazon, a website with a huge market place and found something similar and invested a whole £29.95 (incl delivery) for a set of four lenses. I always feel slightly unclean shopping at Amazon, but I will save that rant for another time. Within 4 days I had what i wanted. This was right at the beginning of lockdown, so it was probably around 25 March.

At first I played with the fish eye lens and captured some stunning images. I will showcase them another time. The one though that I wasn’t expecting to use was the Macro lens, that allows super detailed close up images. This was a game changer for me.

Around the same time my friend Alfie sent me a link to his brother’s You Tube Channel featuring many of the main players in the London Jazz Scene. There were links to a vast array of new music for me to explore. And I started exploring, finding a huge library of music that inspired me to create.

The photographs I took were the subject matter. With chilled jazz and electronic soundscapes in my ears I started editing, cropping, mixing and mashing, filtering and generally losing myself in a creative bubble.

Here’s yesterday’s highlights….